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Monday, January 18, 2010

Claim Jumper Catered lunch today

We got Claim Jumper for lunch today.  It really hit the spot.  They ordered us SOUP!  Its been raining all day today so it was the perfect thing for a day like today.  If I only had a SNUGGIE to cuddle up with and a sofa, it would have been the perfect lunch.  Pictured below is upper left hand:  Baked Potato Cheddar Soup.  Upper Right hand side, Clubhouse Sandwich, below that, BBQ Chicken Salad and their famous Cheese Bread.  Don't be surprised if I go back and get me some more Baked Potato Cheddar soup.
4.75 burps!  Too bad they didn't bring us any of the I Declair for dessert.


  1. I would move back to Cali to work where you do. Any need for Producers? :)


  2. Like I said before: BASTARD!!!

  3. No need for producers yet, however who knows what the future will bring. On Saturday, RED announced that they bought REN MAR Studios. It will now be known as RED STUDIOS Hollywood.


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