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Friday, January 15, 2010

Rustic Pizza for lunch today

Our lunch was catered by Rustic Pizza today.  Normally this would make me very happy, but I had some Lampost Pizza last night, thanks to the order placed by my wife.  I just didn't feel like having pizza again today so I opted for a lighter gentler option.  On my plate as you can see, I loaded up on salad, one breadstick and two wings.  Nothing spectacular, but still satisfying.  I almost reached for a slice of pizza just as a reaction but I held off knowing that I probably would have had one bite and thrown the rest away. was a decent lunch, and receives 3 burps.  Have a great weekend you beautiful people, and remember to have your pets spayed and neutered, unless you think its cruel to do such a thing. If someone neutered me without my consent, I am pretty sure I would be pretty pissed off about that.

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