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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Torndado Warning "Jailhouse" Chicken Noodle Tortilla Soup

So its stormwatch here in Southern California. We have been instructed not to leave the building and to stay away from windows for the next 55 mins. Terror had paralyzed me and I was unable to leave my desk for a minute. However, I was still hungry, so I decided to go for one of my easy fixes from not too long ago, so I am sure its getting old, but to me, its still fresh and new. Again I went with the Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle soup. I added a bag of crushed Cool Ranch Doritos and some Crystal Hot Sauce!


One of our co-workers, also made some Que Bueno for us.  Basically he heated up some nacho cheese and added 5 packets of Del Scorcho (from Del Taco). 

You can get this wonderful Nacho Cheese Sauce at your local Costco for around $7.99 and feed a bunch of little leaguers this weekend Nachos or Chili Billies! 4.5 Burps...and a little heartburn.

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