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Friday, December 11, 2009

Tacos Ensenada catered our lunch today.

Tacos Ensenada catered our lunch at work today.  I have never been here before, so its always great to try out new places.  Pictured here, a cheese enchilada, under the chips there is some chicken and carne asada.  Last but not least is a carne asada hard shell taco.  Great meal for the most part.  The beans were tasty, the rice was ricey.  The chicken was average, but the carne asada was DINERO! (money)  It also travelled well so it was nice and hot (warm but good enough).  I love trying new places especially when the food is grubbin.  Sorry about the late post though, it was a busy day at work today so I am way behind.  4.5 burps.


  1. And know, thanks to you, I might have to go on Mexican food run at a quarter to midnight.


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