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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Diablo Steak Burrito Enchilada Style

Today I went to Baja Fresh.  I ordered a Diablo Steak Burrito Enchilada Style (WET).  What I got, was very disappointing.  I have to tell you all that this experience was not good.  My burrito was cold and dry.   The steak was chewy. (I have had beef jerky that was easier to chew) There were too many bites with mostly just rice. (this was my bad, I should have told them to hold the rice)  I did not pay more than $11.00 to get a rice burrito. (SUCKER!)   What I got was not even worth half that amount.  I spent $5.07 on lunch at Taco Bell yesterday, and had a much better experience.  Not to mention that I got a rookie cashier (here's where I get jerky) and he couldn't even tell where the pinche buttons were.  Kept asking the cashier next to me what to to do, and asked me the same question 5 times.  Did you want black beans or pinto.  Well lets see bro...the Diablo Burrito comes with BLACK BEANS...what do you think I want?   Buddy, if you are not ready to start, please sit the bench until you have proven you can make it in the majors! all that out.  Don't let the picture fool you, as you can see, the cheese is not even melted on my burrito or on the Nacho things on the side.  I mean, come on!? Anyway, I am still kinda upset about the whole experience.  2 tiny barely audible burps. 


  1. Damn, I thought for sure I'd see my first SINGLE BURP! You know, like one of them close-mouthed, exhaled burps.

    One word, my friend: Chipotle™.

  2. Yeah, Chipotle next week fo-shizzle!


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