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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EK Special from Taco Bell

Ok, so what is the EK Special you ask?  Well it starts with a....
Pictured here: Taco Supreme and a $.99 Bean & Cheese Burrito

Then you essentially combine these two carefully.  First unfold the Burrito.

Next place the Taco Supreme inside the Burrito.

Now you gently crunch down the taco shell like so:

Now you roll it back up like so...

And there you have it!  The EK Special!

So now the question is, how good was it dude?  It was really good!  VERY GOOD!  The really interesting question is how the heck did my boy EK even decide to do this?  It's not difficult, but I would have never thought of it.  That being said, it was a BRILLIANT Creation fo sho!!!  4.75 burps!  If it had been enough to fill me up, it would have been the a perfect 5 burps, but I had to supplement it with a $.99 Chicken Burrito.  I think you all know how much I hate rice in my burritos, so that brought down the overall experience of my lunch today.  Be sure and get yourself an EK Special the next time you visit Toxic Belch.  Burp.


  1. Isn't that essentially what the Double Decker Taco is/was?

  2. I have no idea. But its not a taco, its a burrito.

  3. You cannot even compare it to a double decker taco or a crunchy wrap. Everyone want's to compare the 3 until they make themselves an EK special. It just gives you a wonderful combination of the sour cream,tomatos,lettuce,etc. You just have to try one. NEXT TIME TRY IT WITH EXTRA CHEESE ON YOUR BEAN & CHEESE BURRITO.

  4. I will take the E.K. Challenge! I'll buy a Crunch-Wrap and compare the two. The E.K. Special V. Crunch-Wrap Supreme!!! It's really a win-win situation for ME!

    *I'm not sure if they even make the Double-Decker Tacos anymore, that's nothing I've ever ordered, but if it is, it too shall be thrown into this Battle Royale!

  5. I will do that Eric, I have failed (somewhat) as I have bastardized your creation. It will not happen again. However, I am interested in comparing the EK Special to the Nacho Crunch Burrito. Then again, I actually just looked at the ingredients, and it still doesn't stack up to the EK Especial!


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