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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mustard's Cafe

I hardly like to have similar things back to back, but at the same time, I cannot turn down a free lunch.  We got some sandwiches at the office today from Mustard's Cafe, so I had to postpone my planned trip to Taco Bell to try the EK Special.  However, barring any unforseen free lunch tomorrow, I will give the EK Special a try.  What is the EK Special you ask?  You will have to tune in tomorrow.  You will not be disappointed, I am pretty sure about it.  It sounds that good.  Today's lunch included a Roast Beef deal, on somekind of white bread.  I am sorry, but I really don't know what kind of bread it was.  I do know that it was waaaay  too much bread.  You can see for yourself that the top is thick, so I took that off and did w/o the top.  The RB was bland, and not very tasty.  The other sandwich was Ham and Swiss on wheat.  This was a lot better, the mustard was sweet and meshed well with the ham.  So all in all, one good sandwich half and one so so.  Overall lunch experience today 2.5 burps.  I hope that tomorrow's lunch will blow me away...even if its just Toxic Belch.  Perhaps another 5 burper?  Stay tuned...


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