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Monday, December 7, 2009

Schlotzsky's for lunch today

Today we had our lunch catered by Schlotzsky's.  I seriously need to add this place to my lunch rotation.
I really liked what I had today.  Pictured here were three different sandwiches.  I had two original ham and cheese, one Angus Roast Beef and cheese, and one ham and cheese on rye.  Not a big fan of rye bread, but it was still pretty good.  You kinda have to pretend you are not eating a brownie sandwich though.  I really think that a crucial part of the sandwich experience is the bread.  If the bread sucks, then so does the sandwich.  I really feel like its the perfect mix of crunch and softness, their sourdough is just so easy to bite into.  I will definitely seek out this nearby Schlotzsky's and hit it up in the future as there are plenty of other sandwiches in their line up that I want to try.  Funny name...serious sandwich.  4.5 burps.


  1. This looks so good! Can you bring some home?

  2. I think I can bring some home...I will see if there are left overs.


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