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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Island's for lunch today!

I rarely get to fancy this restaurant, but my friend EK of the EK Special was in my hood, so we decided to hit up Island's for lunch today.  I had the Toucan Sandwich...its pretty much a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich.  If you have had their burgers, you can trust me, their chicken sandwiches are just as good my friends.  Not to mention that we also shared cheese fries, WOWZA, have you had these before? AMAZING!!!  The trick is some ranch dressing on the side...fuggedaboutit!  So good!  I do not need to beat around the bush, this lunch was top notch!  I should have taken a picture of my hands as I had to wash the teriyaki sauce off after I tackled this bad boy.  The sauce was all over the place.  I am surprised that I didn't get any all over my shirt. Oh wait, nevermind, I did get some on my shirt.  Thanks for telling me EK! Ok, without further delay...5 BURPS!  It had been awhile since my last 5 burper,  please enjoy your bonus video below.


  1. This is awesome!! I'm so happy for the 5 burps, because this made my day!!

  2. DUUUDE!!! I went there for lunch today too! I hadn't been there in about 12 years - and I totally forgot how good it is there. I had the Pipeline (chili-cheeseburger). Washed it down with an ice cold heff.

  3. Dang, how good is the Pipeline? I feel like I have had it before but I can't remember.


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