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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not so Souper Meal

I didn't get to run out for lunch today so I had to scour the office for the something from the COSTCO selection.  I tracked down the SOUPER MEAL. This Nissin Noodle soup was far from Super and almost a meal.  Well, I take that back, I am full (enough to hold me over until dinner).  I have to tell you, I expected a little bit more; and believe me my expectations were not that high.  I got the chicken flavor with (dry) vegetable medley.  I love the use of the word "medley".  Mr. Webster defines medley as : diverse assortment or mixture.  Hmm...well, I guess it was a mixture, but diverse?  Whatever Nissin!

Here is a sample of the diverse assortment and mixture in my soup. See all of the medley in my NOODLES?
There were definitely lots and lots of noodles and a never ending broth.  I think I tasted a chicken like substance every now and then.  I do have to admit, once I got closer and closer to finishing the marathon of noodles and broth, more taste and flavor showed up.  Too little too late, because I had already made up my mind that this would be a two burper.  Two bland burps.  And now, scroll down a little further for a little Christmas Merriment, from our Christmas Tree at work.


  1. I keep a few of those Souper Meals in the trunk of my car at all times. There are always those days when I work through lunch, and I'll just grab one and hit the red valve on water cooler. Usually I'm starving to the point where my head is dizzy and it makes it seem like I just ate a 3.5 burp lunch.


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