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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 Rolled tacos from Los Primos

Went to get another last minute gift at lunch today, but a guy's gotta eat.  Luckily, I spotted Los Primos and had to make a pit stop.  I didn't really know what to order, but I wanted to be quick and easy to eat.  I figured the 4 Rolled Tacos would do the trick.  They were very good!  The best thing is that the portion was just enough to leave room for all the holiday junk food that I am sure to be forced to eat today at our White Elephant Gift Exchange.  I should have just put these in a bag, and regifted them, but at only $3.99 that is just not price worthy.  I am sure it would be appreciated just as much as a Dancing and Singing Santa Doll from Target. 4.5 burps and a Happy Holidays.  Enjoy the Los Primos artwork!


  1. Wow! I love the price! And they look big taquitos.

  2. They were really good! Los Primos is right up there with Alberto's and Chano's!

  3. Marco- Where is this? I want to know why there isn't an Alberto's in Orange. I hate driving far to get it, but when I get there it is SO GOOD! Sarah


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