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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BJ's Pizza catered our lunch 2Day!

Today's lunch was catered by BJ's Pizza.  This was a pleasant surprise to us all.  On the plate today: Slice of pepperoni, slice of Buffalo Chicken, two wings, some BBQ Chicken salad and a couple of mozzerella sticks. This really hit the spot.  I did not have any breakfast today so I was pretty hungry by the time lunch arrived.  Now I can go get a haircut during lunch.  (I am about a week and an half overdue) 3.75 burps.  Have a Merry Christmas, and may you get all the presents you asked Santa for!  I will be on hiatus for a few days don't miss me too much.  Love you all!


  1. It was alright...not that great.

  2. That was nice of RED to spot lunch, even though it isn't Friday. Colleen and I miss you and Carrissa a ton. Send her a big kiss from us!

    Love you too, Marco!

    CRACKERS & BEANERS 4ever!!!

  3. Palabra...ok for sure now, after the Holiday madness, lets plan something!


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