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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Pickles for lunch today. =)

Mr. Pickles was my lunch destination today.  I went with their #18 aka "GOT BEEF".  This lovely sandwich definitely has beef!  It comes with hot roast beef, hot pastrami and melted jack cheese, along with all of the fixins'.  I ordered it on a wheat roll although I hear that their Dutch Crust is to die for!  I will have to try it sometime in the near future.  A very good sandwich, almost a perfect lunch.  Came close though-4.85 burps.  The sandwich was a little soggy, which is not Mr. Pickle's fault, I blame ALBATROSS, the establishment next door.  My co-worker, we will call him Dan B, went there for his lunch.  Our sandwiches were delivered fresh and right away. His Mexican food took forever, I think they actually imported his lunch from Oaxaca.  Anyway...I digress...a VERY GOOD LUNCH.  Cheers.

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