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Friday, November 19, 2010

Chronic Tacos Catered our lunch today...

Free lunch FRIDAY!!!  I wish I really could be that excited about it, but it was not good.  Normally, this would have been a pretty good, meal, and garnered a rate of 4 burps or more.  Not today though, it was not good at all.  I have found out that you must get this right away, because this food does not travel well at all.  Everything was cold, the potato tacos were bland.  The best thing about my lunch today were the chips and salsa, but you really have to try hard to mess that up.  I hope this is not signs of things to come this weekend, I really want to have fun.  I mean I know its going to rain, but we are supposed to do Karaoke tonight.  Tomorrow, USC plays the BEAVERS from Oregon State. They are not the best team in the world right now, but its in CORVALIS, and if you know the Trojans recent history in Corvalis, I think we have lost three games in a row up there.  Anyway...this meal gets a disappointing 1.5 burps. Have a great weekend, and lets hope those TROJANS pound those BEAVERS!!!  BEAT OSU!!!

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