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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mustard Cafe

Mustard's catered our lunch today.  I had a Ham Sandwich on wheat and a ham and swiss on baquette.  Some veggies, nothing exciting, but good enough.  Not much to report today, its not as sexy or mouthwatering as the last two lunches I had at The Habit Burger Grill, but I have no complaints.  Actually, I guess if you think about it...the fact that I mentioned that is wasn's exciting or sexy is somewhat of a complaint...but not really or is it?   Ah whatever we digress.  Anyway...3 burps.  HAVE AN AWESOME weekend, I will be in Paso Robles drinking some fine vino, and taking pictures of Cowboy and Peanut with my new camera.  Cowboy and Peanut are horses. 
Here are a couple of pictures I recently took with my new camera...notice the difference between my BlackBerry's camera (above), and my Canon below.

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