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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Habit, has become a habit.

If you  follow my blog daily, you already know that I had THE HABIT for lunch yesterday.  In an unprecedented move, I had it again today.  I went to lunch with Mantis and Charlie OT today, and they had never had this tasty burger before.  I figured that I wanted to try one of their other burgers, and their onion rings, so I took them to THE HABIT!  Today, I had their BBQ Bacon Burger with cheese.  PALO!  or BAM!  YES! KAPOW!  Blew my brains again people. This burger was even better than the one I had yesterday.  Don't even get me started on the onion rings.  Don't you hate when you order onion rings, but you end up with fried onion skin, with no real remnant of an onion inside.  These were some hearty onion rings, and I am a happy camper, even though I don't like camping.  In fact, that is a terrible term and I hate when people use it, so let me retract that statement.  I am one happy customer!  5 Burps Back to Back.  Enjoy another bonus video. 

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