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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Del Taco For lunch today

I wasn't able to get out for lunch today, but DB was nice enough to pick something up for me.  I went with two Chicken Soft Tacos, one Green Burrito with extra cheese, and a Classic Taco. 

I downed the Classic Taco first, then one of the Chicken Soft Tacos.  After that I was going to eat the Green Burrito, and finish off with the last Chicken Soft Taco.  All of a sudden, I had a stroke of genius...why not combine the two?  My new creation turned out to be the Green Chicken Burrito.  I just simply dumped all of the contents of the CST into the Burrito and presto!  Notice the empty flour tortilla on the left, and the big open faced burrito on the right. 

This is what the final product looked like before I devoured it.  It was as good as you can imagine.  Glad I did it.  4.5 burps today, and one happy Mexican.

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