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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ALBATROS for lunch today...

I went to Albatros for lunch was really good.  I ordered their Carne asada burrito with beans.  I almost went for the California burrito, but I didn't think I could handle french fries today, so no dice.  I will try that next time, or the Carne Asada fries. was almost the perfect burrito.  I think to make it perfect, I should have added cheese and sour cream to it.  Perhaps next time, but I believe the Cali. Burrito includes all that as well.  4.5 burps.  I feel like I could have given this 5 burps if I had added the other ingredients, so I am going to still give you guys a bonus video, as if you hadn't seen this already.  Its the re-mix...

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