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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Sandwich? OK!

I love a great bargain, don't you?  You can't get a better deal than FREE!  Look it up, its the truth! Today, my free sandwich comes from Jack in the Box, or Jack in the Crack as I like to call it.  Here is what my free sandwich coupon looked like...courtesy of Dennis G., a co-worker of mine.  Thanks Dennis.

Jack in the Box has a new sandwich, and they want you to try it!  Turkey, bacon and Cheese or the Deli Trio.  I went with the Turkey, Bacon and Cheese.  I will be totally honest, Jack in the Box doesn't even have the best burgers, so I guess their niche in the fast food chain is,  "We will make everything and just put it on our menu".  Have you seen their menu? They have everything from tacos, to eggrolls, salads, burgers (which are decent), breakfast, ...well, here...take a look for yourself.   Teriyaki bowls, fajita pitas, I can go on and on.  Soon they will be having Pho...perhaps they will call it PHO-JACK.  Its crazy...quite the opposite of In-N-Out which is Burgers, fries and shakes, thats it! point was ok.  The Turkey, Bacon, and Cheese, is not bad, but I would not order it again.  Maybe its just not my thing.  You might like it, who knows?  Anyway...2.5 burps, but since it was free, I will bump it up to 3 burps, officially. 

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  1. Nice job on the free coupon, sweetie! It looks, good, though. I might order it!


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