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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pizza for lunch...

I had some leftover pizza for lunch today.  Not even sure where it was from, but I do not turn down a free lunch.  I just don't roll like that.  Pictured here are three slices, one with pepperoni and olives and the other two pepperoni and mushrooms.  I do love me some mushrooms on my pizza.  Let me tell you how I do roll...ranch dressing on the side to dip the pizza in.  I realize that if you have good pizza, you shouldn't ruin it by dipping it in Ranch, but this was a phenomenon that I learned from a couple of friends of mine who used to dip their crust in Italian Dressing.  (Eric and Brian in 8th grade) I tried it, and liked it...but then I figured, I really like Ranch dressing so much sometime in High School, I started dipping it in RANCH, and have not been able to kick the habit.  I don't always do it, but if there is pizza and ranch anywhere around...I will not hesitate to dip!  4 burps! 

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