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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Der Wienerschnitzel for lunch again...

Another one of those days when I had to make a split decision regarding lunch.  I had a few errands to run, and had to do a drive through to bring it back to work.  This always equals bad/unhealthy choices for me.  Bad choice = happy taste buds!  I went with the Angus Beef Coney Island Dog and an order of Chili Cheese fries.  I tell you what...that was a tasty hot dog, their Angus Beef dogs are REALLY good, and much better than their regular dogs.  I have never been to Coney Island...but it really doesn't matter, in my mind, I am a Coney Island Baby, so bye, my Coney Island babe.
4.75 Burps in a New York Minute.


  1. Nerd! I almost had the same thing!

  2. I miss our Wienerschnitzel. =( They closed it down and are opening up a Pollo Loco. Nothing against El Pollo, but the are two others pretty close by. The other Schnitzel isn't THAT far, but this one was SO close.
    ~ Lalo

    ...SAD Lalo.

  3. That does suck Jerry...que gaucho.


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