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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I went to Pholicious in Irvine for lunch today.  I had their All Veggie Pho.  it was really very good!  However, my lunch hit a really bad day ruining moment right after I took the picture below.  I heard a car collision and then the family that was sitting across from me looked at me and said, "Is that your car?"  Oh sh*t!  No, it can't be...sure enough, some ______ hit my car.  Luckily it was just minor cosmetic stuff...hit my bumper, no harm, no foul, no ambulance.  Got all his info just in case, but most likely won't pursue any claims etc.  Oh shoot, my neck is hurting...too bad I wasn't in the car.  Anyway...I digress, 4.25 burps...can't wait to have a huge breakfast on Saturday morning...I am forgetting what meat tastes like...but I will enjoy it first thing Monday morning.

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  1. I'm sorry, babe! Maybe it's time for a new car!


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