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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Papi's Tacos in Paso Robles , CA.

My friend Mike found out we were visiting Paso Robles this weekends, so he suggested that we go to Papi's and order their Carne asada Torta ahogada.  In case you didn't know, in Spanish, ahogar means to drown.  Known for his gourmet palate, I knew Mike meant business when he said that this was the best Torta he ever had.  I knew  couldn't pass this up.  Yesterday, I got the chance to experience this Torta firsthand.  Mike's expertise did not let me down.  This Torta had all of the key ingredients that typically go on a torta...but then the roll (pan de agua) is drowned in some very spicy sauce that takes it to another level.  If I can nitpick a tiny bit...the only thing missing was beans.  I like my tortas with a layer of beans on the bottom slice of bread.  That being was the best torta I ever had, without a doubt.  So good in fact, that I wanted to see if their burritos could match the excellence of their tortas.  Today I went  back for a wet Carne asada burrito.  Phenomenal!  I will always go to Papi's every time I'm in town. 5 burps for both visits, does that make this a 10 burper?

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