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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

McDonald's for lunch

Yup, I know its good for me...or should I say my taste buds, but nonetheless, every now and then, I do partake in the golden arches.  Today I had a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese...aka ROYALE with Cheese in Europe.  I had some fries with that...but I did not super size.  They give you two options, Medium and Large, I have a problem with that.  If there is no small, how can there be a medium size?  What kind of crazy mind tricks are they trying to pull? This doesn't apply to anything else when you are looking at just doesn't make sense.  I love the quarter pounder, its not the best burger in the world, but it brings back childhood memories, and McDonald's, sadly, was a big part of my time growing up. (fat kid)  Anyhow...4 burps!

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