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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jalapeno's for lunch today

Went to lunch today with DD, AZ, and CC to Jalapenos.  They are got some BOBA at Lee's Sandwiches first, and I headed straight to the Jalapenos next door.  I ended up having their Carne Asada Torta.  Its been a while since I have had a torta, well over two years, it just sounded right.  I just really get lucky sometimes.  This this was out of its mind!  SUPERB!  Almost perfect, it just needed a tad more beans for my taste, but perhaps I am being picky, I like to taste the beans in my torta.  It was more like a bean spread.  Anyhow, still pretty darn good.  4.9 Burps...almost a perfect score. 

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