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Friday, July 29, 2011

Apple Spice Junction

Apple Spice Junction  catered our lunch today.  Let me tell you...on presentation alone...this was very impressive.  So this was a boxed lunch and a very nice looking box at that.

Then I opened the box and DAAAAAANNNGGG! Look at that neatly packaged meal! 

It included a "Office Fav" Sandwich (Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef), Cheesecake, potato salad, chips, a pickle, veggies and dip in a bag, mayo, mustard (Grey Poupon), and some green veggie dip.

I gotta tell you, this was the most impressive box lunch I have ever had.  Yes, the presentation was awesome, the sandwich and sides were great...the cheesecake was phenomenal.  Truly a gourmet box lunch experience!
5 Burps!!!!  Have a great weekend, and big props to our girl Ashley W. for choosing this lovely meal for us today!!!  Enjoy your bonus video.  TGIF!  You're Welcome!

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