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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wienerschnitzel for lunch today

I went to Wienerschnitzel with Mantis and CK today.  They made me go, I had no choice.  If you are ever in LA for a game or a concert, you may see the ladies with the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs on a cart, I like to call them TJ (Tijuana) Dogs.  They are one of the traditions of LA nightlife.  Like it or not they are here to stay, and I LOVE THEM!  So...Wienerschitzel has decided to do one of their own, I figured I would try it.  Lets be honest, nothing could top the real thing, but it was surprisingly good.  Saved me a trip to LA.  These are not quite as big, and are missing the peppers, but the rest of the ingredients were there.  Not bad at all.  Don't get it twisted, not nearly as good as the real ones, but still pretty good.  You could also add chili if you wanted to for an additional charge.  4 burps.

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