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Monday, June 13, 2011

Rubio's fish tacos for lunch

Went to Rubio's for lunch today.  They have a new Blackend Salmon Taco that I decided to try.  It was alright...not Earth shattering but a little different.  My lunch came with a Blackened Salmon Taco and a Fish frijoles and chips.  I actually thought the regular fish taco was better, meatier, just more flavor all around.  Overall, a nice experience, above average lunch.  3.5 burps.  Have a great Monday, and keep reaching for the stars, if you can't reach them, at least climb a tree.  I'm out!  I have not had a 5 Burp lunch in a I may have to just go to one of the spots that are MONEY everytime...stay tuned.   

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