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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rubio's For lunch today

Went to Rubio's for lunch today.  I had the Grilled Mesquite Shrimp Burrito.  This is a quality burrito amigos!  As some of you already know, I do not like rice in my burrito, so I had them hold the rice.  I am very happy with my choice today.  This was juicy, flavorful, and filling.  I am a big fan of this burrito.  I wish I had ordered two.  4.5 burps!

Oh yeah, in honor of the PAC 10 Men's Basketball Tounament, I am sporting my USC colors at work today.  I just received word that USC beat Cal 70-56!  Is my head crooked? 

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  1. Your head is perfect, sweetheart!


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