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Monday, March 7, 2011

Maison De Pho Pho lunch today

Today I had the privelege to have lunch with an old friend from HS and his wife.  It was a quick little nostalgic trip back to some great memories.  We went to a local PHO place in Foothill Ranch called Maison De Pho.  I ordered their #1 Special.  I am very limited in my experience with PHO, so I can only go by my brief experience (had pho maybe two other times).  It was pretty good, I liked what I had, and as you lunch rating is based on over experience of that particular lunch.  In this case, I also have to factor in the company.  So thanks to Sam N. and his lovely wife, this lunch gets 5 burps baby!  Please enjoy your bonus video!

You will have to excuse me for my poor focus on this pic.  It was shot with my phone Cam, but normally has a better autofocus than this.  =/

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