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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

El Pollo Loco for lunch today...again

I had some Pollo Loco for lunch today.I had three tacos.  One $1 Taco al Carbon, one Fish Taco...yup, FISH Taco, and a Crispy Taco.  All three were super good...however the dark horse, the one I was not counting on, the one I had never had, the Crispy Taco, was by far the best.  Correction, I had not had their Fish Tacos before either...and you know what...for a Chicken place...NOT BAD.  Overall...pretty good, and it was right at $5.00.  Not too shabby.   4.5 Burps.

This here is the Crispy Chicken Taco.  Look at it!

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