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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wahoo's for lunch today.

So, it may seem like I always know what I want for lunch and have it all planned out for the week, but I never do.  In fact, every single day I am completely unprepared for lunch.  I never know what I am in the mood for, and at times, I leave the office before I even know where I am going.  Today, it really bothered me that I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat.  So I asked around and one of my colleagues has one of those phones with an application that helps you figure out what to eat.  Note to self, download Urban Spoon, actually, in the middle of me writing this sentence, I downloaded onto my HTC EVO 4G!  This app is super cool yo! story came out to Wahoo's!  I ordered their BONZAI Burrito with Cajun Fish and asked them to make it wet with the green sauce.  WOW!  I have chosen wisely.  This burrito really knocked my socks off.  It was an easy no brainer perfect score of 5 burps!  Enjoy your bonus video!

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