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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wahoo's and OAKLEY

DJ Ruffnek came to visit me for lunch today again.  We headed out to Wahoo's and headed over to the OAKLEY Headquarters to pick him up some sunglasses.  I got their Steak Bonzai Burrito, ordered it wet, with the green sauce, sprinkled it with Tapatio.  This is what you see pictured below.  What a masterpiece on the plate and just a symphony of flavor in my mouth.  You cannot go wrong when you order it wet.  Their burritos are great...but if you get it "WET" it will always be a good thing.  Never get your mogwai wet, and never feed them after midnight.  If you stick with this motto, you will go far in life.  4.75 burps. 

Don't forget if you want to see DJ Ruffnek, you can see and hear him spin like no one else can.  Tonight he will be at Bourbon St. in DTF (Down Town Fullerton)  Get your minds outta the gutter!

Ruffnek Video Mix Demo from Ruffnek on Vimeo.

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