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Friday, January 28, 2011

Special Treat for lunch today...HOT DOG ON A STICK. What? Yup.

Hot Dog on a Stick catered our lunch today.  Yes, the girls with the funny hats and the funny truck.  Normally you would find them at your local mall food court.  Today, they were in our parking lot.  I had one Corn Dog and a Cheese Stick (Pepper Jack).  I washed the delicious lunch on a stick with one of their famous lemonades.  This was a big surprise to us, as we have never had Hot Dog on a stick for lunch here, something different, something fun.  4.5 burps.  Going to be a very busy weekend, lots going on.  One last thing Happy Birthday Megan!   

***At first posting...the pictures were not showing...hopefully, this will get fixed soon. 

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