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Monday, January 17, 2011

Corner Bakery Catered our lunch today

Today was another catered lunch day.  We had Corner Bakery send us some grub.  So, I had...a cup of Broccoli Cheese Soup, some salad, 1/2 a Roast Beef Sandwich, and 1/2 a Chicken Salad Sandwich on Squaw bread.  .  The soup was to die for.  The Chicken Salad Sandwich was not to die for, but at least coma in a week for.  The rest was so so.  Overall...4 out of 5 Burps!  Have a stellar Monday!!!

Oh yeah, and since I have no teams left to root for in the Playoffs, I have chosen to pull for the Jets.  GO SANCHEZ!!!  FIGHT ON.

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