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Friday, December 17, 2010

Jay's Catering served us lunch today...but...

RE:  Jay's Catering
...they failed miserably...TWICE.  Soo...the first failure occurred at 8am.  The actual lunch we were supposed to receive, was sent to the wrong company, at the wrong time.  We were supposed to get Holiday Turkey lunch with the usual suspects in your Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was supposed to be here at around 11:30am.  Instead they delivered the our stuff at the wrong time and place.  (its across the street from us).
They promised they would make it all better, and then at 11:30 we got the lunch that was meant for the other company, at our place.  So FAILED TWICE.  No Turkey, no stuffing, no mashed potatoes, no turtle doves, etc...  Fail me once, shame on you, fail me twice, that really sucks!  So we ended up with Tri-Tip and some garlic potatoes and veggies.  Normally, Tri-Tip would still be a really great meal, however, the meat was cold, chewy, and tasteless.  Wow...Terrible!!!  REALLY BAD.  I don't think we'll be ordering from them again...unless they make it right...we shall see.   1 Burp.  On that note...TGIF!  Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend.

Merry Christmas from Mexi-Coke!

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