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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Los Primos for lunch today.

I had Los Primos for lunch today.  I had their Chile Relleno burrito.  I guess you can say its a burrito relleno with a chile relleno?  Lunch humor, it makes me smile.  This was actually REALLY good, but I feel that it was missing beans.  It could have been a lot better with some beans inside the Chile Relleno.  I know it sounds loco but I feel that it would take this burrito to another level.  A level beyond our comprehension,  a level, that I could not even blog about.  I would have to have a guest blogger like Stephen W. Hawking write about it and explain it in his Speak and Spell voice.  Anyway...4.5 burps! 

Hawking on plane (AP)

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