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Friday, October 29, 2010

TK Burger Truck delivers again! BEAT THE DUCKS!!!

We had the TK Burger Truck cater our lunch today.  Again, it delivered yet another sunny, and kinda hot day for us down here.  I went for the lower carb option.  Just did the two chicken breasts.  Some veggies, and a cookie.  Perfect portion, good taste, good lunch!  Washed it down with a cold Coca Cola Zero.  Ate this in full costume.  That was a bit challenging.  4 Burps.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I just like to dress up, and I go into full geek mode.  I just love it.  here I am at work today.  I will also have a different version for tonight for a party I am attending in Marina Del Rey.  Should be a great weekend. 


Last but not least...don't forget, big College Football game this weekend.  ESPN Gameday will be there...will you be there?  BEAT THE DUCKS!!!

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