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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Der Wienerschnitzel today...

Yeah, I know...I tried to do something a little more healthy, but I ran an errand, and it put me in a bad mood, so I had to make up for it.  Can you think of a better way?  So there Tuesday Special is $.99 Chili Cheese fries.  Seeing that...I knew I couldn't pass them up.  But like Joe Pesci says..."They F*ck you in the Drive Thru."  I ordered 1x chili cheese fries, one chili cheese dog, and a corn dog---no drink.  When I pulled up, the lady told me gave me the total, so I handed her my card.  Then I was like...that seems like a lot of money for what I ordered.  I checked all my stuff when she handed me my food, and I knew something was wrong.  So plled back into the parking lot, and looked in the bag.  There were two Chili Cheese fries in there, and each one was charged at $2.39...not $.99.  Ugghh...tried to save time, but it ended up taking three times as long!  I explained to the lady, "Hi Lady, I only ordered 1 $.99 Chili Cheese fries.  You gave me two, charged me for two, and did not charge me the daily special price either.  She really didn't know what I was saying and I had to explain to her that they had a deal on for today...this was not easy.  I was really frustrated, and in the end, I don't blame her, I blame the management for not notifying/training their employees properly about how to charge, and how to listen, and how to count.  Or I blame them for hiring someone that wasn't "qualified" to work the drive thru cashier position. You just can't rush someone to the majors.  Perhaps we need to demote this lady, bless her heart, to fries, or maybe just drinks?  I don't have all the answers, I am merely trying to get what I ordered, for the price listed; is that so wrong?  This whole ordeal soured my lunch, but it was still good enough to garner 3 burps.

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