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Friday, October 1, 2010

Cesar Salad, with grilled chicken from RUDY'S

Two friends of mine came to meet me for lunch today!  Good times with JK and AW!  Not only does RUDY'S have an insane amount of HD Flat screens to watch sports, they also have great food.  I always walk away from there with a full belly and a big smile.  Their staff is top notch and easy on the eyes!  I ordered their Cesar Salad with grilled chicken.  Normally I would not order a salad at this place because their sandwiches and burgers are delicious, but today, I don't think my tummy could handle it.  It didn't matter because not only was this a salad built for was TASTY!  Not bad for rabbit food.  4.25 burps!  Have an awesome weekend!

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