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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free lunch!

Had a rough start to the morning...normally, it takes me 35 mins on my morning commute.  Not it took me an hour and 48 minutes.  More than an hour longer than normal.  It was not a good start for me.  However, I got a free lunch today and there is nothing cooler than an unexpected free lunch.  Today, I got a free lunch from Mustard Cafe.  I had a Turkey Sandwich 1/2 and RB sandwich (1/2)...added a bit of pasta salad on the side, and instant free lunch.  The day has flown by, and now, its at a good pace, and hoping that I can also have an awesome evening full of adventure, and mystery.  Perhaps I can get down to the WEDGE in Newport Beach, I hear the waves are totally gnarley right would be cool to get some pictures and or video.  Anywho...3 burps. 

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