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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Campbell's Soup at Hand

Didn't have time to make it out to lunch today, so I just kept it basic and easy.  I had a Campbell's SOUP at HAND.  All had to do was heat and sip.  This is a little misleading, because I had to do a little bit more than heat and sip.  I had to first SHAKE CUP BEFORE OPENING.  Then I had to Pull plastic cap to remove, set aside.  Did you know that the metal rim IS microwavable?  Well, it is...that is where we are now folks, microwavable metal rims!  YES!!!  Then I have to put it in the microwave and heat uncovered on HIGH for 1 min and 15 sec.  Notice this already has been more than HEAT and SIP.  I haven't even started sipping at this point.  Now they are asking me to stir thoroughly for even soup temperature.  They have some nerve! Still no sipping.  Then I had to replace the plastic cap...NOW I can finally sip.  Nearly burned my tongue off.  It will not just be hot, it will be McDonald's coffee lawsuit I let it sit for a while.  Heat and sip my A$$!  2.5 burps.

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