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Friday, June 25, 2010

Texas Pit Bar-B-Que for lunch today!

Today we had Texas BBQ in Lake Forest cater our lunch.  It was good grubbin'!  The quality of all meats was excellent.  Nothing dry, everything tasted the way it was supposed to and it brought a nice warm feeling to my belly.  I am a happy camper today.  Most of all, I am happy that I didn't over do it.  Its so easy when you see all that stuff to just pile it up and just have a crazy meat fest...I think I kept it a little under control.
I had a chicken ka-bob, a little rib, some brisket, a piece of chicken breast, broccoli, mashed potatoes, Cole slaw, and some ranch style beans.  It was all really good, and I am as satisfied as TEAM USA in the WORLD CUP! This meal would easily advance to the next round in a food tournament.  4.75 burps!
Don't forget to watch the USA in the World Cup tomorrow!!!  I am just going to give you a bonus video today because I am feeling patriotic!  USA! USA! USA!

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