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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schlotzsky's Deli Adventure

Well, here we go again.  In the past, I have suffered from the NICE GUY Face syndrome.  Normally, this would not really be a bad feature/characteristic to have, but I think I need to make some changes.  I have officially decided to have a constant scowl on my face thanks to my encounter today at Schlotzsky's Deli.  So there I am after I ordered my Albuquerque Turkey Sandwich combo, getting ready to sit down, when an elderly gentleman (we'll call him Salty cuz his last name is Morton) comments on my Lakers T-shirt, then asks me to sit with him and chat about the Lakers.  I wanted to say no thanks, but I mean, the only open table is right next to him and that would have been more awkward than not sitting with him...all of these things going through my head, and finally I just said F*ck it, I will sit with him.  I should have gone with my instinct.  I have to admit, this guy had me fooled, it started off just as he had promised, we are just talking about the Lakers and the NBA Finals.  Salty is from Boston, so he named off all of the Boston teams and how they are considered title town.  I did my best not to throw up on him right then and there, but he was so polite and cool, I was just over that.  (sleeping with the enemy) that goes on for a bit, and then he starts asking me about what I do, etc...Shortly after I tell him what I do for a living, he mentions that he is a financial planner.  Oh I knew where this was going...this whole friendly hey lets talk about the Lakers, has now shifted into a sales pitch.  My next thought..."If you are good at what you do, why aren't you retired and in Aruba chillin'?"  I mean, seriously...he's talking to me about retirement plans, but he doesn't have one?  Its like a fat guy working at 24 hr. Fitness as a trainer.  Just doesn't make sense.  I know this makes me sound like an a-hole...but I mean, I am just trying to have lunch, and now...for being Mr. Nice guy F*CK that!!!!   Anyway, I didn't give him my card, and gave him my home # which always just rings busy.  Which reminds me, I have to call AT&T. I bid my farewell to Mr. Morton, and he said we should meet here for lunch again soon.  I just gave him my friendly smile and said, "You Betcha Salty".  Kinda felt "douchey" after I said know like when someone calls you chief or boss...this brought out the worst in me.  Sigh...anyway...The sandwich was actually pretty good.  Great marketing Schlotzsky's, I have to admit, that the rhyme Albuquerque Turkey is what first attracted my attention to your sandwich.  4 burps, could have been 4.5 but I am retracting .5 points thanks to Salty.

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