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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Del Taco Again this week

Went with a co-worker for lunch today, and he chose Del Taco, so I am having it for the second time this week.  Unprecedented!  My mind was made up to get two Santa Fe Chicken soft tacos.  Once I went in for the order, dice holmes!  They no longer have these tacos, at least not my local Del Taco.  I was kinda bummed.  What do I do now, I have to look at their immense menu and make an executive decision.  Meanwhile I could feel the stares from the people behind me.  It was getting nasty, I think I even heard a couple of huffs.  However, I kept my cool.  You cannot rush greatness, I looked at their line-up, and suddenly remembered  a recommendation from JK.  He likes the Green Burrito with extra cheese, I figured that sounded good, and I added to chicken soft tacos.  BAM!  PALO!  Done. A sigh of relief from the peeps behind me bellowed in my earhole.  Turns out...I had chosen wisely.  Good stuff!  4.75 burps, and I flipped the bird to those suckas in line behind me.  Just kidding...he he he.

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