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Monday, May 3, 2010

Rubino's Pizza catered our lunch today.

We had Rubino's Pizza cater our lunch today.  I waited patiently in line to get my lunch, and got hassled by one of my co-workers (of Family Feud fame).  I think he thought I was going to eat all of the 3 dozen wings that were left.  Of all people, I am very aware of the respectable allotment/portions so I pride myself getting my allowed portions.  After he saw that I did not take all of the wings, he seemed to be very relieved and grateful.  All was well after that.  I had 4 Buffalo wings, two slices of pizza, and some antipasto salad.   Overall a little cold because I had to do a few things before I actually ate, but the food was still good.
3.2 burps.

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