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Monday, April 5, 2010

Lamp Post Pizza catered our lunch today.

BIRTHDAY Edition.  In honor of my 11th annual 25th Birthday, Lamppost Pizza catered our lunch.  Actually, it was Chaia who ordered it,  not knowing that this was once of my favorite pizza joints.  BIG PROPS to CHAIA!!!  Great pizza, good wings = happy birthday boy with a full tummy.   So, what was the tally?  Three slices of pizza, one pepperoni, and two of the WHOLE NINE YARDS.  (everything plus the kitchen sink)  I also had two jalapeno poppers, one hot wing, some salad, and a partridge in a pear tree.  I meant to get a side of Ranch Dressing, but it turned out to be Bleu Cheese dressing.  It was still good, and I am giving it an emphatic 4.9 burps, almost a full 5 burps.  So I rounded up, and included a special video for you.  This is a great video that is very dear to me.  As a child, I used to listen to this record all the time.  Thanks to Jerry V. for reminding me!!!


  1. Happy birthday, sweetheart! This video is creepy.

  2. I remember Cepillin...good find


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