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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fast and Furious Buffet

My Co-worker Nate Dogg asked if I would join him at Round Table for their lunch buffet.  I love a good buffet and always like to try new we headed out.  Bennett joined us as well, and the three of us hopped into Nate's Mazda 3 for our lunch adventure. 

All you can eat pizza and salad for just under $7.  Well, actually with tax it was actually $7.61, but it was still worth it. 

So here is my first trip, got some salad, some people pay $7 just for the salad, we got pizza and a drink for that much.  I only made one more trip for two more slices...needless to say...we were all very full after the chow.  On our way back to work, a Jetta pulled up beside us and revved their engine.  All I could think of was, oh boy here we go...Fast and Furious on Lake Forest Drive.  All of a sudden, while we are still sitting at the stoplight waiting for the light to change, this rude woman screams at us and calls F-in idiots and other nice things before finishing with "you are putting all of our lives in danger!".  I lost it, I mean, we were sitting at the stoplight, so she just assumed we were gonna drag?  I lost it and said a few choice words of my own something like, "What the hell are you talking about, we are sitting at a stoplight mind your own business!"  I will confess that I too used some colorful language before I ended with "mind your own business!"  It was a total reaction, I really couldn't even roll down the window fast enough to get that all out...but she really struck a cord with me.  In retrospect, perhaps she has lost a loved one in some kind of foolish street racing incident in the past, but whatever her deal was...I wish she wasn't so quick to hop on her jump to conclusions mat.  Anyway, lady, if you ever read this, I apologize for losing my cool, and I accept your apology for being a rude biotch.  Take care.  Oh by the way 4.5 burps!

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