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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Del Taco...tried a new taco...

Like a moron, I forgot to bring my lunch from home again.  This time, I punished myself by going to DEL TACO.  It turns out that they have a new chicken soft taco.  It is the SANTA FE CHICKEN SOFT TACO.  This was a really good taco!  All of the regular fixin's of the regular Soft Taco, but just a tad bit more ingredients. Black Bean and corn salsa, plus a Santa Fe sauce with a Chipotle Kick.  This had more than a kick, it was excellent.  The Del is getting all gourmet on me!  I had to make up for yesterday's lunch so I kinda went a little overboard.  I also got a regular chicken soft taco, a hard taco deluxe, and chili cheese fries.  Great lunch today, and 5 burps!!!  You should really try this new taco, you will love it!  Enjoy your 5 burp video!

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