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Friday, March 5, 2010

I am baaaaack...almost.

Sorry for the long hiatus.  On Wednesday February 17th, I went to urgent care for dehydration and a slew of other problems with my stomach.  I will spare you all the crappy details (pun fully intended) but after countless test, 10 days of severe bloating, among other things, it turns out I had food poisoning causing an infection in my lower bowels.  I know there is no comparison, but I seriously have more respect for pregnant women, because I looked and felt like I was pregnant. 

Yeah, I know...not a pretty sight.  I need to manscape too.  I mean, I am not skinny by all means, but those of you that know me, know that is not what my belly looks like.  Anyway...I am almost back to 100%.  I was on a liquid diet forever and just started on real food a few days ago, so I spared you from my liquid lunches.  You really didn't miss much, however there was a couple of IV lunches, some apple sauce, lots of jell-o, more jell-o than even Bill Cosby could handle.  Oh yeah, I forgot about the chicken broth...yum yum!
Anyway, my diet right now is fairly bland, as thats what they want me to eat until I get this infection completely out of my system.  Anywho...too much information perhaps, but I will be back, perhaps Monday I will be able to resume my daily lunch blogs.  Thank you for all the flowers, and cards and well wishes.  The giant teddy bear was a bit much, and the home visits simply got creepy, I hope that guy is not mad at me for the restraining order.  Well, thats all I have for now, have a great weekend, and we shall see each other again next week.  Keep on, keeping on! 

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